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My Top 3 South Florida Eats and Treats - February 2018

Born and raised in the melting pot that is known as South Florida, I have indulged in my fair share of diverse and amazing eats and treats over the years. I keep a rolling 'to eat at' restaurants and dishes list in my notes app on my phone that I always update whenever I come across a place or item that looks interesting to me. I make it a point to go to new areas or restaurants as often as possible to cross places off of my list, and because food makes my heart happy. I am the type of guy that will take a 2 hour road trip for a slice or three of my favorite key lime pie ever in Key Largo, FL.

1. Salty Dulce De Leche Latte From OH MY GOSH! BRIGADEIROS

The first treat I want to tell you about is probably the best latte I have ever tasted. It is from a chocolate and coffee boutique in Miami, FL called OH MY GOSH! BRIGADEIROS. This Brazilian inspired shop serves up coffee drinks and desserts, including a variety of Brigadeiros, the most popular sweet in Brazil. To make the latte, they coat the rim of your coffee mug with one of a few different flavors as an adhesive before covering the edge with more sweets (check out their video of how its made here). Pictured below is the salty dulce de leche latte, the cappuccino is also popular but I am a latte guy. Each sip is accompanied by the rush of sweet and crunchy dulce de leche bites that goes well with the coffee. Make sure you also get one of their cake jars to go, you will not be disappointed.

Salty Dulce De Leche Latte From OH MY GOSH! BRIGADEIROS

2. Cowboy 26 oz Bone-In-Ribeye at Vignetos Italian Grill In Plantation, FL