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My Top 3 South Florida Eats and Treats - April 2018

I have crossed paths with numerous delicious dishes and restaurants in the last two months while embarking on my new pledged food journey.  I created this list with confidence knowing that the heavy majority of people that read and try something will be delighted. I have culminated these recent interactions into the following top 3 items to taste around sunny South Florida in your near future! 


1. Cap'n Crunch Pancakes From Eating House


I was in my barber’s chair, as I routinely do on weekends, at his second shop in Coral Gables one Saturday morning and we ended up casually chatting about my new food and travel blog.  He then asked me, "What do you think about the Cap'n Crunch Pancakes from Eating House?"  To which I replied with a curious raised eyebrow, "I have never been nor tried these pancakes that you speak of."  I immediately heard the buzzer from the razor shut off before he crisply spun me around 180 degrees and looked into my eyes in disbelief (for the best barber in South Florida - check Moon out here!)  He made me pinky promise to try them as soon as possible so I made plans to check them out with my parents, sister, grandma, uncle and aunt the following weekend.  Even though it is casual (the staff had ‘Stoner Things’ shirts on), I recommend making reservations for brunch, as good food attracts more people.  We collectively ordered pretty much everything on the menu, you know, just to be safe.  The candied bacon was amazing and the tator tots with coca cola ketchup was cool and the braised pork calentado with chimmi was special.  But I was not prepared for what was to come next - Cap'n Crunch Pancakes.  After my first bite, I looked up shaking my head in disbelief that something on this planet tasted this good.  As I tried to process what in the hell was happening, I legit had a single tear run down my face as I locked eyes with my Aunt across the table before asking me if I was alright.  I only let the others have one portioned bite each before making them order another for themselves.  On my way out, I asked to talk to a manager to give them a hug and the gentleman I asked was actually the owner.  He shared that it is one of their more popular dishes; they use the cereal in the batter itself, the syrup is mixed in with the condensed milk and the butter has vanilla in it.  Because of how they make the batter, the consistency of the pancakes is something special and truly one of a kind.  I’m not even a pancake guy, I usually go waffle in that situation, but please - let me know what you think! 

Cap'n Crunch Pancakes