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The One Thing You MUST Do When Traveling to Morocco!

I took a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco with two of my travel buddies for a few days last year. When I plan my 'big trip' once or twice a year, I like to incorporate some type of contrast within the trip, perhaps a culture shock of some sort, by going or doing something different than the rest of the trip. Marrakesh, Morocco was that place. It was the middle city in a Madrid - Marrakesh - Barcelona itinerary that served its change of pace purpose. I did my usual research and found that Trip Advisor had a very highly rated tour given by a local gentleman named Adil (See my personal review here). I am going to mostly focus on this tour as it is an absolute must do if you're ever in Marrakesh, Morocco.

I thought to myself, "How can this man have over 1,000 reviews, average 5 stars and be the number 1 thing to do in this country on a specific category within Trip Advisor? Was this like, really real?" So I reached out to him with a bunch of inquiries and he replied almost immediately with a friendly and helpful tone. Basically, he personally picks you up wherever you are in Marrakesh and takes you on an all-day adventure through the villages in the surrounding mountains and shows you a variety of unforgettable places, foods and experiences.

After picking us up in front of our Airbnb and greeting each other, we jumped into his truck and started to chat as he drove off. He asked us if we wanted to have American breakfast at McDonalds or try something more Moroccan. I felt like this was his first test of how the rest of the day would go for us but we all pretty much agreed to try something native to the country; after all, that was why we were there.

We took a ride outside of the main city all while he taught us about Morocco's land and culture while spitting out countless facts and answering our questions. We briefly stopped off and rode some camels early in the day - (don't underestimate the skill needed to get on a camel) - which was a very cool experience before heading out to our next stop for breakfast.