📍Miami, FL - Salty Dulce De Leche Latte From OH MY GOSH! BRIGADEIROS _omgbrigadeiros - Must Try! ☕️
📍Koh Phi Phi Island, Thailand - Views Walking Back Onto The Boat After Hiking Up To Koh Phi Phi Vie
📍Santa Monica, California - The Original Famous Ube Donut With Rice Krispies, Very Unique & Tasty!
📍Seattle, Washington - Took This Pier Skyline Shot In My First Night Exploring Around Downtown Seat
📍Koh Tao, Thailand - Unforgettable Nutella & Banana Thai Roti (Pancakes 🤤) In A Small Cafe Before
📍Miami, FL - Lunch Today Was A Peruvian Mixed Ceviche With Fish, Shrimp, Octopus & Mussels In A Poo
📍Beverly Hills, California - Cruising Around & Enjoying The Always Perfect California Weather 😎☀️�
📍Dallas, Texas - My Favorite BBQ Is From Pecan Lodge In Dallas - The Loooong Line Was Worth It To G
📍Phuket, Thailand - After Surfing & Snorkeling Most Of The Day, We Sat Back On Freedom Beach & Watc
📍Portland, Oregon - Took This On An Adventurous Hike With Some Friends On A Perfect Day
📍Miami, Florida - Sweet And Spicy Edamame Beans In A Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce, One Of My Favorite S
📍Seattle, Washington - An Empty Pike Place Market On An Early Morning Walk Around Downtown Seattle
📍Barcelona, Spain - Carrot Cake Waffles Topped With Vanilla Cream Icing And Candied Apples 🥕🥞🍎
Pouring Coffee
Pieces of Chocolate with Nuts
📍Madrid, Spain - BBQ Duck Buns From A Street Side Food Truck In Madrid, Went Back For Seconds! 😋
Welcome to Nomadic Food and Travel! I’ll be blogging articles and sharing pictures of different food
📍Barcelona, Spain - Shot Of The Port Off Of The Balearic Sea On A Crisp Spring Evening Down By The
📍San Francisco, California - The Chicken Fried Soul Waffle Sandwich 🥪 Bacon Wrapped Buttermilk Fri
📍Colorado Springs, Colorado - View Of The Mountains Through Some Of The Red Rocks During Our Hike U

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